Knight Terrors, Endless Runner Hits Nintendo Switch October 24th
Knights Terror - Nintendo Switch

Just ahead of Halloween, Nicalis and FeakZone Games plan on launching Knight Terrors onto the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch. The game is somewhat of an endless runner where players take on the role of a mysterious knight who must run, jump, and head-bop his way to victory by overcoming a variety of nightly horrors along the way.

Players will have to mix and match their tactics throughout each of the levels, where they’ll use blood wings to briefly glide, a sword to curb-stomp the heads of baddies into a bloody pulp, and timing to avoid landing on the spikes.

The trick to the game is that the Knight can neither get hit nor allow any enemies to get past him. The object is to kill absolutely everything on the screen while simultaneously dodging all the obstacles in your path. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

The hook for the game is that it’s a retro-era style project, featuring classic 8-bit inspired chiptunes, simple two-button mechanics, and a few time-stopping special effects to help give the game a a little oomph with a cinematic jolt.

There will be multiple game modes that can be unlocked, along with score tracking, and the ability to earn power-ups along the way. To help keep the game feeling fresh, the press release notes that Knight Terrors will also feature procedurally generated levels.

Nicalis has been on a role with launching unique games for Nintendo’s redivivus in the console market known as the Switch. The company has been publishing games for Nintendo’s little console that could that step outside the traditional outings being put together by a lot of bigger publishing houses. For instance, Nicalis worked with 34BigThings to get Redout on the Switch, along with announcing games like Blade Strangers for the Switch from Studio Saizensen.

Anyway, I doubt Knight Terrors would be a huge game for the Switch, but if you were interested in a challenging platformer you can look for the game to launch on October 24th.


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