Koei Tecmo Announces Nioh To Hit PC Via Steam On November 7th

Koei Tecmo has announced that Team Ninja’s Nioh is coming to PC via Steam come November 7th. The once PS4 exclusive game will be heading over to PC and will bring with it a Complete Edition that holds all three DLCs and more.

If you’ve been holding out for a PC version of Nioh, well, there’s good news for you in that Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja will be bringing their action-adventure game to said platform. Not only will it feature new stuff from its previous version when it becomes available for PC, it will boast a new helmet called the “Dharmachakra Kabuto.”

According to the devs we also learn that Nioh: Complete Edition will only be digital for PC, which means that there will be no physical copy for those who like to collect physical copies of their purchased games, unless they change the “digital-only” policy on the main site. However, the PC version includes “high-resolution graphics” that can be viewed in either two modes.

In addition to the above, the first of the two modes happens to be “Action Mode,” running the game at 60 FPS, although there is no word if you can achieve frames higher than that or if it is capped at 60 FPS? The second mode comes in as “Movie Mode,” which is a “cinematic option” that can expand the display to 4K resolution.

Another thing that will benefit the patient who waited, they will receive all DLCs for free along with the digital purchase of the PC version through Steam. The Complete Edition will include the original version of Nioh and all three downloadable expansions that happen to be Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and the latest expansion Bloodshed’s End.

I should forewarn that the PC version of Nioh might have technical issues at launch. I say this because Toukiden 2 had severe issues on PC and needed a lot of help, although that was Omega Force helping Koei Tecmo, the company has been known for botched PC ports. In other words, make sure to keep a close eye on Nioh’s PC release in case of any major problems.

You can find out more about Nioh: Complete Edition by hitting up koeitecmoeurope.com.


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