Light Apprentice: The Comic GameBook Graduates From Early Access November 10th
Light Apprentice

In just one month from now Amazu Media’s Light Apprentice will finally graduate from Early Access and launch in full on November 10th. The colorful, comic-book inspired turn-based RPG is an interesting looking game for sure.

Amazu’s title came out back in March of 2017, entering into Early Access where the team worked on refining the first episode of the game.

I completely missed this title, but it’s like a mixture of choose-your-own-adventure, Undertale and Scribblenauts all fused together. The literal comic-book look and screen panels gives Light Apprentice a wholly unique look. The combat is a timed, turn-based affair hearkening back to the old days of role-playing.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

One thing the trailer doesn’t highlight that players will have a choice in carrying out is the ability to not kill the bad guys. You will have the choice in sparring them from a most certain and irrecoverable defeat. You can choose to either be a warrior or a pacifist, and this extends all the way to the bosses you face off against throughout the game.

You can also collect items, upgrade your characters, and venture throughout the colorful game world where you’ll encounter some crazy characters and ridiculous storylines.

The first episode is about five through 10 hours in length. The feedback for the title is quite positive, but a few people noted that it suffered from some major bugs. Hopefully those were all crushed during the Early Access run because there’s universal agreement that the visuals and aesthetic charm are a noteworthy and standout feature for the game.

You can pick up a digital copy of the Early Access version of the game right now for $9.99, or you can wait until November 10th and grab the full version from the Steam store when it graduates from Early Access.


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