Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Denuvo Has Been Cracked

It has been reported that Warner Bros Entertainment and Monolith Productions’ Middle Earth: Shadow of War Denuvo anti-tamper tech has been cracked within a day. This trend usually happens within days or a week and should come in as no surprise.

In an attempt to stop people from “pirating video games” all Denuvo does is increase the likelihood of folks fed up with the anti-tamper tech to crack it and make a statement against it to show that it is a waste, much like in the case of Middle Earth: Shadow of War. This information comes from publication site DSOG.

In addition to the above, when you top the cake off with icing that is microtransactions it will only prompt gamers to pirate the game as a statement to show that if you treat your customers like crap they will only respond back in the same manner.

This disgusting trend of Denuvo, microtransactions, or cut content through DLC is becoming more and more prominent like in NBA 2K18, Forza Motorsport 7, and, of course, Middle Earth: Shadow of War. So what does this mean for gamers and fans who want to play Shadow of War? Well, it means that you can pirate the game and get some cheats to bypass the microtransactions all for free. Playing it safe and more effective, though, would be not to buy the game altogether.

Moreover, if you happen to be like a lonely sailor who fell for a Siren and bought Middle Earth: Shadow of War, there is but isn’t a way to get around the microtransactions in the game. A video by The BDG shows how to somewhat get around it, which still results in the microtransaction notice to harass you.

Speaking of getting around Microtransactions you can find some cheats for Middle Earth: Shadow of War that we covered for your convenience, if you happen to have purchased the game.