My Time At Portia Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4, XB1 In 2018
My Time At Portia

Team17 has teamed up with Chinese game development outlet, Pathea Games, for the upcoming release of the crowdfunded title My Time At Portia, which is a slice-of-life game about building up a workshop on the far edge of civilization at an idyllic town named Portia.

The announcement just isn’t about teaming up together, but about bringing My Time At Portia to multiple gaming platforms. According to Debbie Bestwick, MBE and CEO of Team17, she mentioned in the press release….

“We welcome Pathea to the Team17 label and it’s exciting to work with a talented studio in a region with an emerging indie development scene. We’re thrilled to be supporting them in their development roadmap and the bringing the game to multiple platforms in 2018.”

The press release further indicates that the public version of the game’s Early Access run will go live on Steam in early 2018. After fixing up the game, adding in additional content, and ironing out all the kinks and wrinkles, Pathea Games and Team17 will then launch the game on presumably the Xbox One and PS4. In the press release they don’t specify which gaming platforms will be part of the slate but it’s a given that the eighth-gen twins will be on the docket given Team17’s past relationship with both platform holders. However, on the Kickstarter page they reveal that the game is scheduled to launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and the Nintendo Switch.

At the moment the Kickstarter for the game is still just $27,000 shy of the $100,000 goal. They still have just over a week left to finish bringing in the crowdfunding and hit the goal, but it’s looking a little tight at the moment.

If the Kickstarter goes through then Pathea will carry out their plan of bringing in more artists to help make My Time At Portia a reality by bringing it to Early Access on Steam in January of 2018.

You can learn more about the gameplay by visiting the Kickstarter page, or you can keep an eye on the Steam page for further updates about the title.


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