Neon Chrome, Cyberpunk Twin-Stick Shooter Arrives On Nintendo Switch October 12th
Neon Chrome

10Tons announced recently that the multiplayer twin-stick shooter, Neon Chrome, will be launching onto the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch starting October 12th. The game originally came out on PC back in April of 2016 last year. The game launched on Steam with some very positive feedback from the gaming community. A month later the game arrived on the PlayStation 4 at the end of May as a digital download from the PlayStation Network.

10tons is now prepping to move their top-down, twin-stick, multiplayer shooter from PC and PS4 and onto the Nintendo Switch for the very first time.

According to the developer, Nintendo’s hybrid gaming machine has a dearth of arcade shooters at the moment, and they hope to rectify that problem by providing Nintendonites with an opportunity to get in some game time with the action game.

The game is pretty simple: you’re a mercenary who enters into a tower owned by the Overseer. Your goal is to get to the top of the tower where the maestro or malignant mayhem resides. All you have to do is tear a path through his tower by blowing up everything in your path, shooting everyone who gets in your way, and upgrading every weapon you attempt to get your hands on.

Much like 10Tons’ most recent release, Jydge, you can completely destroy the environments in Neon Chrome to make new pathways, unlock new routes, or create new tactical opportunities.

It’s a serviceable looking game, but the hook is mostly in its cyberpunk aesthetic, featuring a lot of what the name entails: neon chrome.

The stages glow and pop with contrasting pinks, purples, greens, reds and yellows that are set against the dark night-life of the surrounding atmosphere.

If you own a Nintendo Switch and you’re looking for a cooperative shooting game, Neon Chrome will be available next week on October 12th.


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