New Donkey Kong Game Rumored To Hit The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been moving units at a significant pace and it doesn’t even have a fully fleshed out library of games yet, which means that there is more room for new games and familiar faces to show up. Speaking of familiar faces, Donkey Kong is rumored to hit the Switch.

Notice: All of this is information is just a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no determining factor that there will be a new Donkey Kong game, but the chance of it coming to the switch could be possible if this rumor holds any weight.

In recent Nintendo news, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime discussed some interesting stuff during an interview, but most notably about Metroid, in which a new game for the Switch is set to debut in the future, and he also talks about Donkey Kong, a popular character who has no game out as of recent.

According to several publication sites, like GameRant, we learn that regardless of the title Nintendo will focus on delivering games with experiences like non-other, while giving fans sensation through an established IP that will do something different.

You can read the quote that the publication site took from the interview that Nintendo of America President took up:

“Whether it’s with a Metroid experience or a Donkey Kong experience, we’re constantly looking to push the envelope on the IP versus doing sequential small iterations with a particular franchise.”

The rumor about a new Donkey Kong game sparked due to Super Mario Odyssey featuring Pauline (originally known as Lady or The Beautiful Girl) and was Mario’s original love interest before Princess Peach was introduced. She is the one to rescue in the arcade game Donkey Kong, in which she was captured by the original evil DK.

Some people believe that the mention of Donkey Kong after the release of Super Mario Odyssey, which features a character that ties both Mario and DK together, could lead to a new Switch iteration of Kong.

There’s no telling if this rumor holds any weight, but the true question is would you like to see a new Donkey Kong game for the Nintendo Switch?


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