Nowhere Prophet, Post-Apocalyptic Rogue-Like Card Game Enters First Access
Nowhere Prophet

Independent developer Sharkbomb Studios announced that their nomad-traveling, deck-building, post-apocalyptic, rogue-like card game, Nowhere Prophet, has officially entered into “First Access”. It’s described as a mix of Kickstarter meets Early Access.

The First Access branch of development will help the developers rack up funds to continue development while also inching closer toward an Early Access release on platforms such as Steam.

The game will feature more than 250 different cards, a variety of classes and convoys inspired by post-apoc fiction, plenty of loot and recruiting to do across the wasteland, and an art-style that seems to be a combination of an ink-themed comic book style fused with new-wave splash art.

You can get a glimpse of how the game will be played and what sort of turn-based tactical strategies you can expect from the deck-building CCG via the First Access trailer below.

You’ll attempt to recruit outcasts and journey across a randomly generated wasteland where the risks and rewards are different every single time around.

Similar to games like Skyshine’s Bedlam, players will have to manage resources as they travel through the wasteland, making wise decisions and hard decisions, attempting to both survive and grow stronger while facing off against other foes in turn-based CCG battles.

At the moment, the First Access availability is priced at $19.99. This will enable you to access to a playable build of the game and future Steam access. Additionally, the company is also selling higher-priced tiers that enable additional benefits, including have your name featured in the game, or contributing enough to help shape the game’s story mode. Two slots are also open at the $1,000 tier to become a boss in the game.

It’s kind of funny because Devolver Digital actually joked about things like First Access during their mock press conference at this past year’s E3, but it’s becoming a reality no matter how you cut the custard. Nevertheless, you can learn more about Nowhere Prophet by visiting the page.


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