Opus Magnum: Beginner Walkthrough Guide

Zachtronics has released Opus Magnum on PC via Steam Early Access and if you are looking for a guide in order to understand the basics of this puzzle strategy game, hopefully this beginner guide will be helpful.

A good guide to look over running beginners through the act of “golfing” can be further investigated over on Steam’s community page thanks to NYKevin. However, if you want more information how Opus Magnum works, YouTuber Game-Wisdom has two videos to help you out.

You can watch all of this and then some thanks to Game-Wisdom.

The video details how to use Products, Reagents, Mechanisms, and Glyphs. More functions are covered in the video, but let’s look over the four main components to make something actually work.

Products: Like “Stabilized Water” can be used as a means to rotate and create an operating mechanism to move whatever it is that you must move to complete your objective.

Reagents: Are used as an input for the “alchemical machine.” These agents can work with other components to create a flowing system that works properly.

Mechanisms: Double over as tracks that work like arms or groves. You can place them anywhere on the honeycomb grid to move something to another place.

Glyphs: Are used to bond and create a group of things. This action can be performed after placing a glyph on the grid, which will move two singular units as a group unlike before.

Now that you know what does what on the left hand corner of the screen, let’s take a look at the bottom left side known as Rules. These Rules command singular parts or a list of parts and can repeat actions to keep a task going infinitely.

After placing down your Products, Reagents, Mechanisms, Glyphs and setting up Rules, you should have a mechanism that works. If it does work you should see three charts at the end showing the Cost, Cycles and Area of your work to help you out in future endears to be more efficient.

If that video was too advanced, Game-Wisdom has another video guide showing the basics found in Opus Magnum. Additionally, this means that tasks and other properties are covered for your knowledge in a step-by-step video guide.

Opus Magnum is available for PC via Steam Early Access for $17.99 and will go back to its $19.99 price point on October 26th.