Oure, Dreamlike Zen Game Featuring Playable Dragon Now Available On PS4

Oure PS4 Launch

Heavy Spectrum announced that Oure is currently available right now for purchase from the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4. The game debuted and released on October 30th during the Paris Games Week Sony PlayStation press conference. The game’s announcement was accompanied by a short minute long trailer that gave gamers a decent look at the gameplay and dreamlike atmospheres they would be exploring in the title.

Over on the PlayStation Blog CEO of Heavy Spectrum, Matt Birch, talked about the project and explained that Oure is a deviation from the typical title made available on the PlayStatoin 4. In fact, the game is a non-violent adventure title that’s about exploring the clouds within the ethereal realm of a strange a mystifying world. But you don’t just explore this world, you get to fly around at top speeds as an ancient dragon. You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the announcement and release trailer (rolled into one) below.

As a child pushed into the dreamlike realm, it’s up to players to transform into a dragon who draws its powers from the presence of the clouds. You’ll have to unravel the mystery behind the child’s abilities while delving into the themes of growing up.

The game was created to “break” away from the AAA blockbuster experiences. It also features plenty of hidden artifacts and collectibles for the treasure hunters among the PlayStation players.

According to Birch, the game was first and foremost made no commercial bias in mind, which means no loot boxes or microtransactions. He actually wanted to create something fun and unique for families to experience, attempting to make a historical mantelpiece of interactive entertainment art, saying…

“Speaking as myself, more than anything I have ever done, this is a game that has been built from my heart with no commercial bias. Self-publishing the game has allowed us to ensure the game will come out with the pureness and essence that we desired, and whilst we know the game is not perfect it is something that contains the message of hope that we wanted to pass on to our own children.”

Whether or not the game lives up to its potential is dependent on whether or not gamers find it fun and engaging.

If you want to check it out you can do so right now by visiting the PlayStation Store.

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