Papers, Please Final Trailer Arrives Ahead Of Short Film Release

Papers Please Short Film

The final trailer for the upcoming short film based on 3909’s Papers, Please video game that came out back in 2013 has officially gone live, featuring a minute long look at the upcoming short.

The trailer is based around the events surrounding a border checkpoint in the fictional country of Arstotzka. The setting takes place shortly after a six-year war with the fictional country of Kolechia, resulting in Arstotzka’s Ministry of Admission ramping up security along the borders to prevent spies, undesirables, terrorists or insurgents into the country through the Grestin border.

Metro spotted the new trailer, which was posted up on the producer Nikita Ordynskiy’s YouTube channel. You can check it out below.

The Russian filmmakers have received quite a bit of positive feedback for the trailer so far, following on the heels of another teaser that was released back during the summer.

The most recent and final trailer introduces viewers to Igor Savochikin’s character who works the checkpoint, where we see him checking the papers and dealing with a number of people hoping to get into the country for one reason or another.

The setting seems to perfectly capture that foreboding, bureaucratic, Soviet-style atmosphere that Lucas Pope’s video game seemed to elicit.

I’m a little shocked that there hasn’t been a full-fledged movie based on the game yet. It wasn’t just some tale of some guy going through the motions of checking papers. It was actually about a communistic regime that was making it impossible to live comfortably due to the oppressive nature of the authoritarian parliament.

While the game was a fictional tale set in a fictional country, the game was a high-tension affair due to the fact that gamers had to make some really tough choices in order to help save the main character’s family and eventually escape from the country.

This would make for a great low-budget thriller, but it would definitely have to be directed either by a Pole, a German or a Russian. I doubt an American director would be able to capture the nuance and visually direful flavor that a film like this would require.

Anyway, the short film will be available in full before 2017 is out.

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