Paris Game Week 2017 Reveals New God Of War Gameplay

Santa Monica Studio has cooked up a new God of War trailer for Sony Paris Game Week 2017 that shows off some gameplay. The next entry to the ongoing series will release sometime early in 2018 exclusively for PS4.

The latest God of War gameplay trailer titled “combat” takes viewers a bit deeper into the combat system, which happens to be followed by some enemy lore.

On the topic of God of War’s combat, some hardcore fans of the series are displeased with the new system stepping away from its original roots. I’m not sure how the game will be at launch, but if you are still leery we see more enemy interaction as well as environmental combat action.

The video starts with a Soul Eater leaving through a gate, which if you are killed by it the thing can take your afterlife from you. This is then followed by Kratos letting out on a trash mob of enemies with an energy wave when charging his axe. Other moves like his boomerang axe throw is used, like in previous videos, as well as an interaction with an explosive lamp hanging from the ceiling.

We also see a combo tag-team move between Atreus and Kratos that leads into a finisher.

If all of that seems like something you can get behind or needs further investigate, the new video by MKIceAndFire lies below for your viewing pleasure.

If you don’t know, back in September of this year we learned from God of War game director Corey Barlog that the upgrade path will be changed and will not be the same as earlier titles in the God of War series.

The team wanted to leave behind the classic upgrade mechanic and the way players would go to a menu to pick an upgrade to “develop” Kratos.

The devs reveal that they wanted players to have fun and participate in an upgrade system that will feature Brokk and Syndri (the ones behind Thor’s hammer), who will be responsible for Kratos and Atreus’ upgrades.

The two, Brokk and Syndri, are said to be there to help you upgrade your gear and define combat skills through new moves and specials.

God of War is set to release sometime early in 2018 for PS4.


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