Pawarumi, Shoot’em Up Game Set To Hit Steam This October

One of the latest shoot’em up games set to hit the market comes Manufacture 43’s Pawarumi. Mixing old Colombian architecture with Sci-Fi aesthetics – the game aims for a visually unique experience, while maintaining the familiar shoot’em up core essence. Pawarumi is set to hit PC via Steam Early Access this October.

Pawarumi is currently slated to debut for PC and Xbox One this year, but the former will gain early access via Steam this month (October). Additional platforms like PS4 and Switch will gain support in that Pawarumi will be playable on them sometime in the future.

At Pawarumi’s core we see that the game takes place in a world where the Council rules the nations through drastic measures. You the player assumes the role as Axo, who happens to pilot the “legendary” ship Chukaru.

The game is all about experiencing colorful old and new technology through a shoot’em up perspective, which the atmosphere of the game is accompanied by a limitless fight against the armies of the Council. However, the game has a story that is said to be a bit more and contains a dark secret that has yet to be revealed.

The overall premise and gameplay of Pawarumi can be seen right here thanks to the official description and gameplay trailer.

“Pawarumi is a modern shoot’em up set in a retro futuristic sci-fi pre-Columbian universe. You’ll take control of the almighty ship Chukaru and its three unique weapons! Shoot wisely to either do double damage, heal yourself or charge your Super Attack!”

I can’t say if the game will be great or terrible, but for an indie game I will admit that Pawarumi is well made on the surface. The graphics look nice, the gameplay looks very shoot’em up-like, and there seems to be a lot cluttering on the screen for those who like to dodge stuff and be challenged.

If the trailer isn’t enough for you, more information on this game can be found over on


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