PS4 Pro or Xbox One X: Get Money Towards Your New Console
PS4 vs Xbox One

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The best way to sell your used consoles and make more money than retailers even without going through the tedious process of online auction is by using Decluttr.

New and advanced game consoles are always thrown into the market, and these will always appeal to you hardcore gamers. But it’s not easy to settle on the consoles to purchase because of having to decide between the enhanced features that best suit your gaming habits — these same features that also makes them costlier than the old consoles.

You can reduce what you spend to buy the new Xbox One X and PS4 Pro consoles if you sell your old consoles before buying them. The prevalent situation is that gamers approach retailers like EBgames and GameStop when they wish to sell their used games and other devices. Because of this, they are given a paltry amount by the retailers – not even half the amount they bought them in the first place. But a new way to get the best and most desirable consoles and games is through Decluttr, at no costs.

Better Your Local Store Trade In

Firstly, you would think that the best course of action is to walk into the GameStop outlet near you and trade your consoles. However, you will always get this feeling that you would be better off selling these items when the people at GameStop tells you the worth of the consoles you want to trade. But through Decluttr, you will gain 77% more than what GameStop will offer you, and there would not be any need to step out from your home for the sales.

You can see the worth of your current game and console through the company’s website or by using your smartphone to scan the barcode. You will get an instant quote from Decluttr whenever you have a console for sale. The only thing you need to do to get this is to click on your piece and explain its current condition. There is also a price promise guarantee from the firm for all products. So, it’s either you get the offer the company made for your item or they send it back to you at no cost.

Methods of Getting You Money

When you have been given the price that Decluttr is ready to pay for your consoles, your next course of action should be to print the free shipping label and send it to them. You have to be mindful of the fact that all that you send in are protected with free insured shipping. So, do not worry about the items getting damaged in the mail.

Users get paid via PayPal, direct deposit and through check, and these payments are made the day after we receive your items. Through this method, Decluttr insures that the money for the latest console is made available to you in a smoother and faster way.

Recycle Your Collection of Games Today

When you have the feeling that you are not getting enough value for your game collection, it could make you very angry. The amount you will be paid by Decluttr cannot be matched by any other, as it is up to 25% higher than the price in the market. The troubles involved in selling through online shops like olx, plus the shame and embarrassment of getting to a GameStop outlet, are all eliminated by Decluttr. Another great aspect of this is that no auction or seller fee is charged. This makes it a painless and simple process of selling your games and consoles through the web without much stress, but enjoying the highest amount of profit.

When you have the chance to dispose of your old games and make good money towards the latest and more advanced model as offered by Decluttr, why don’t you embrace it?


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