Psychonauts 2 Gameplay Video Showcases Platforming, TK Abilities, And Goats
Psychonauts 2

The first gameplay video for Psychonauts 2 was revealed, Double Fine Productions revealed the 14 minute clip, showcasing some of the platforming and challenges players will encounter along the way.

The video features anti-GamerGate developer Tim Schafer offering commentary over the gameplay where creative lead Zack Mcclendon plays Raz and gives gamers a look at the actual platforming. You can check out the video below.

The first couple of minutes is just Zack and Tim talking about the game currently being in pre-alpha where only the core gameplay mechanics are implemented, including the running, jumping, double-jumping, swinging, the springs, and a few collectibles.

One of the things they showcase is Raz jumping around through the environment where he’s on a springy fireball where he moves through the environment not unlike Mario riding on turtle shells or Sonic riding on a skateboard.

During the demonstration they also show a clip of Peter McConnell, talking about the small pieces of music that were featured in the demo.

Now let me stop right here and say that this is one of the most schizophrenic developer diaries I’ve ever seen. It jumps around various topics like a kid in a ball-pen with ADHD.

They also showcase the game’s telekinetic abilities where they take a goat and attempt to put the goat in the water, but they don’t show the goat being forcefully asphyxiated underwater.

The video also hops back and forth between the voice acting and some of the cut-scenes featured in the game.

Later on they showcase some of the game’s combat, where Raz throws out some fireballs and throws some rocks at some baddies.

The video also takes an opportunity to showcase how diverse the studio is at Double Fine, because Tim Schafer likes to virtue signal. He’s one of those big virtue signalers… a real virtue signaling aficionado. While PC gamers bicker and argue over how big their CPUs are, Tim Schafer likes to measure his erected virtue signaling against other virtue signalers. He’s one of those types.

Anyway, Psychonauts 2 is still a ways off from release.


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