The Punisher Debuts On Netflix November 17th
The Punisher - Release Date

Marvel and Netflix finally revealed the official air date of The Punisher. You can check it out come November 17th next month. The news was accompanied by an all new two and a half minute long trailer showcasing more footage of the upcoming series.

The trailer also finally puts some serious story threads to what happened to Frank while he was in the military and what eventually resulted in him becoming The Punisher.

It looks like a really cool military conspiracy setup that could end up being Netflix’s best Marvel show yet. Check out the trailer below.

There isn’t a whole lot of action in the first half. Most of it is a retread leading up to Frank’s family being massacred.

The second half of the trailer gets grim in the most glorious ways you could imagine.

The show seems terribly dark (in a good way), and Jon Bernthal looks like an uncompromising menace in this thing.

The rest of the trailer then ramps everything up to 11, showcasing all sorts of action sequences, explosions, shootouts, and a few fisticuffs. We also find out how Microchip gets associated with Frank, as he reveals that he, too, also lost his family in the same way that Frank did. Interesting.

The Punisher - Netflix

The combination of the imagery and the music is just pure, badass righteousness. I hope that the guitar chord that plays throughout the trailer will be his theme song because it matches perfectly.

There isn’t too much more to say other than that I hope that Netflix doesn’t drop the ball on this one. They’ve been really aiming toward that SJW crowd with a lot of their nonsense, even going as far as defending fake news from the mainstream media. I doubt one show will make Netflix worth the monthly subscription, but if they can bring in more hardcore shows like The Punisher or at least more shows like the first two seasons of Daredevil, I think they might be on the right track.

Anyway, I’ve always loved the Punisher despite the movie offerings being hit or miss, but it looks like he’s finally getting the true treatment he’s always deserved. Punishment begins November 17th on Netflix.


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