Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition Trailer Reveals The Unfortunate Fate Of Zoe
Resident Evil 7

There were a couple of major questions left with Resident Evil 7 by the time the credits rolled. The first major question was “What the heck happened to Zoe?”, the second major question was “What happened to Lucas?”, and the third major question was “Is that really Chris Redfield?”

Well, Capcom aims to answer all three questions with the upcoming free DLC packs, End of Zoe and Not A Hero.

Leading up to the December 12th release, Capcom unveiled a new two and a half minute trailer that gives you a hint as to what happened to Zoe, and what sort of horrors will await Chris in the mines. You can check it out below.

The trailer starts with a quick recap of a vital moment near the end of the original campaign in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, where Ethan has to choose to either help Zoe or help his wife Mia. If you help Zoe then Eveline will stop the boat and turn Zoe into a statue, breaking her apart and killing her. If you choose to help Mia then Zoe is left standing on the docks. Despondent and dejected.

The trailer reveals Zoe’s fate after leaving the docks, with some sort of hint of her still turning into a crystalline statue.

For Chris, however, things are no less perilous. He finds himself navigating the complex tunnel system of an abandoned mine, where Lucas has retreated to continue his torturous games.

We see that Chris has to fight monsters in the mines, monsters in some caves, and monsters in a lab.

There’s also a really neat little bit at the end of the trailer that reveals that maybe Zoe’s fate isn’t so bad after all. A family member from the backwoods tends to her after she begins to morph and crystallize, so maybe she makes it out safe and sound in the end? I guess we’ll find out when December 12th rolls around.


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