Rogue Trooper Redux Trailer Covers Co-op Gameplay, Campaign Mode
Rogue Trooper Redux 101 Trailer

Rebellion released a new five minute video of Rogue Trooper Redux, the remade and revamped edition of the decade old third-person shooter. The gameplay trailer showcases the run-and-gun gameplay while reminding gamers that the title is due for release on October 17th for $24.99.

Ahead of the game’s release during the middle of the month, Rebellion popped out the trailer for the game to give gamers an actual look at the in-game play. You can check it out below.

They briefly cover the game’s story about the NuEarth being in a constant state of war and how the super-soldiers are betrayed by their superiors. The Rogue Trooper seeks vengeance as he attempts to complete the mission on his own terms.

The campaign covers the game’s three teammates who end up joining the Rogue Trooper as part of his weaponry after Gunner’s persona chip is added to the weapon.

Bagman’s chip is also added to Rogue’s arsenal, allowing him to utilize a variety of different weapons, ranging from electric shot attacks to shotguns to rockets.

I always thought the teammates being a part of Rogue’s arsenal was goofy, but it was like a B-movie so it didn’t matter all that much anyway.

The trailer also covers the game’s four-player cooperative mode.

I always the thought the game was just purely mediocre, and so it seems odd that this – of all the games from sixth gen – was the one Rebellion chose to remake for today’s home consoles.

Graphically the game has a stilted and dull look, not doing much justice to the 2000ad comic book of the same name. The animations were also par the course, and the weapons felt standard.

Anyway, if your library is starved for content, it’s not like it would do you any hard to Red Box the game.

You can look for it to go live starting October 17th.


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