Scorn, Horror-Action Game Will Be DRM-Free Via GOG

DRM is no fun and we can see that through many gamers expressing their disgruntlement over the very thing that causes slowed performance and many other headaches. Well according to Ebb Software the newly announced GOG version of Scorn will be free of DRM.

I’d say that this was a strange announcement of bringing gamers up to speed that there will be a GOG version of Scorn, but, anyway, Ebb Software took to Scorn’s Kickstarter “comments” section to update gamers that there will not only be a GOG version but, like any other GOG game, it will be DRM free.

That’s right, the Polish game service currently under CD Projekt Red will feature the upcoming horror-action game that once failed Kickstarter. Thanks to the second run on Kickstarter gamers not only had the opportunity to see Scorn via a new gameplay trailer but to play the game upon backing it.

The announcement comes straight from developer and collaborator Nikola Rakic, who has this to say:

“Hey everyone,


DRM free version will be available through GOG or similar platform, so you could download the game anytime. It won’t be a one time thing.”

Scorn’s first part will hit Steam and not Early Access sometime in 2018 for PC, while the second part is likely to come out late 2018 or 2019. Home consoles will receive the game if the first part does well, but at the moment the devs want to focus on a PC version.

Speaking of the PC version, folks now have the option between picking up Scorn when it releases on Steam or GOG.

Despite all of this, though, I do want to know what will happen regarding Scorn’s publishing and so on? I say this because Ebb Software and Humble Bundle teamed up to work out a publishing deal, but IGN now owns Humble Bundle.

While we wait for more information regarding IGN and Scorn, you can keep an eye out for Scorn’s GOG debut by hitting up said platform or


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