Scorn’s Kickstarter Ends On A High Note, First-Part Scheduled For 2018 Release

Scorn has officially passed its Kickstarter goal and has moved on to reach its second stretch goal, even potentially reaching another stretch goal. The first of the two parts will hit PC sometime in 2018 and will be available through Steam and not Early Access.

Scorn was once featured on the now deceased Steam Greenlight platform, which according to the platform’s standards and indie titles around that time, Scorn was a fresh of breath air in that it promised horror and adventure elements and well polished graphics.

The developers stuck around despite a failed attempt prior to this moment and even delivered on past promises made to fans. This can be seen across the game not coming out in 2017 as a rushed mess, a playable demo before the Kickstarter ended, no broken Steam Early Access builds but a scheduled 2018 complete first part, and the last promise that comes in as showing gameplay off in the latter part of this year.

With that all said, the team managed to win gamers over this time around with their Kicktsarter campaign, which managed to successfully raise €192,487. The team also pulled in PayPal donations that account for €2,950, which tallies up to €195,437.

Although the devs did not reach the third stretch goal, due to the the extra funds from the other service it helped them out enough to consider implementing one or even both additional stretch goals. However, this can only be done if there are no “big hiccups” during the development process.

The above information can be found over on the first part of Scorn‘s Kickstarted update page.

Lastly, talk awhile back touched upon a console version of Scorn that indicated that if all goes well with the PC version in the future, players can look forward to an Xbox One and PS4 version. As of recent, the date for the first part is still slated for 2018 and  it will be followed by a second part, set to come at a later unknown date.

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