Shadow Of The Mask Tackles A World Where Super Heroes Are Hunted And Killed
Shadow of the Mask

A new point-and-click, 2D, retro-futuristic adventure game called Shadow of the Mask is currently in development by Spanish development team Tetera y Kiwi.

They’ve been slowly working on the project over the past year and even managed to get the concept greenlit to appear on Steam before Valve shut down the Steam Greenlight section.

The team now has plans on accruing funds through a Kickstarter campaign where they’re currently seeking close to $95,000. They’ve managed to gather $15,000 so far for the project, and they still have 24 days to go before the campaign wraps up.

So what is Shadow of the Mask about? Well, as the headline states… it’s a retro-futuristic point-and-click adventure game about super heroes being hunted down, jailed or murdered. It’s a little bit like the Watchmen meets The Incredibles meets Blade Runner, but with a postmodern art-style. You can check it out below.

The game is a brooding story set within a somewhat fantastically designed take on a dystopian society. Players will dive into the roles of Detective Alanis and Detective Edrick, as the duo attempt to investigate various crimes, sending them to meet a variety of aliens, mutants, androids, and cyborgs along the way.

The whole super hero/outlaw dynamic is a background story arc that looms throughout the tale that Tetera y Kiwi is attempting to tell.

Gameplay is centered around the typical point-and-click structures, where players will investigate environments, talk to NPCs, solve puzzles, and generally explore around in order to progress the game forward.

Unlike many other traditional point-and-click games, there will be more than just the standard logic puzzles most gamers are used to. Tetera y Kiwi will also include action-oriented reflexive puzzles as well.

You can learn more about the project by visiting the Kickstarter page or you can download the demo if you want to play-test it before you make any rash decisions that might change the very fabric of your reality.


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