Skylords Reborn Preps For Open Beta In January, 2018

Skylords Reborn

The upcoming RTS game from the small development team who originally helped restore Battleforge, is prepping for its open beta release starting in January of 2018 next year. To commemorate the open beta date, a new gameplay trailer was released for Skylords Reborn.

The game is a real-time strategy collectible card game, giving gamers an opportunity to amass their forces, collect cards and battle opponents across a variety of maps.

The game is designed to be a spiritual successor of Battleforge, which was originally created by EA Phenomic but was shutdown for good back in 2013, much to the dismay and frustration of the gaming community. Of course, everyone should know by now that Electronic Arts is all about those dollar, dollar bills, and they couldn’t give a crusty rat’s dripping anus over a peach-cobbler sundae whether or not you enjoy playing a game or not. Shutting down Battleforge for EA was about as big a deal for them as abusing animals was for Michael Vick.

Anyway, you can check out the gameplay trailer below to see what work they’ve done so far and where they’re going with the game for when the time comes to head into open beta.

The trailer doesn’t detail any  of the gameplay mechanics, but it does give you a brief look at the various factions that you will be able to play in the game, along with a few of the locations you’ll be fighting across and fighting for.

We see some of the expendable minions, some of the aerial units, as well as the giants who will be the real tide-changers during a match.

So far there’s nothing but hype and happiness for Skylords Reborn from the Battleforge community, who has been abused more often than Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriends.

The team working on the game have been slowly slaving away at the unofficial spiritual successor. So far a couple dozen patrons have been putting money into the coffers of the small team via Patreon, bypassing the traditional crowdfunding method of Kickstarter.

So long as Electronic Arts doesn’t catch wind of the project and decide to piss in the cereal of progress like a seagull taking a dump in a fisherman’s bait, things should go relatively well for the Skylords Reborn.