Slay The Spire Combines CCG Deckbuilding With Rogue-Like Role-Playing
Slay The Spire

A lot of games seem to weasel their way into a linear line along the columns of video game genres. Most games are easily classified as a single type of play experience. However, Mega Crit Games’ Slay The Spire is all about mixing and matching genres to create an all new gaming experience.

The objective is to select from one of two core characters, each of whom have their own deck, and the objective is to scale the Spire and slay the different bosses leading up to the top.

The trick, however, is that the Spire changes its layout every single time you play. So no two playthroughs will ever be the same. Along the way you’ll battle enemies, collect cards and power-up your deck. The game features more than 200 different cards to acquire, along with 50 different combat encounters, and more than 100 different combat modifying items to procure.

You can get a look at the game in action with the trailer below.

The game cleverly combines the strategic elements of deck-building but with the traditional turn-based tactical combat found in classic RPGs.

It’s an interesting mixture of various gaming elements fused into one, not unlike Baten Kaitos for the GameCube. However, unlike Monolith and tri-Crescendo’s JRPG, the rogue-like elements turn Slay The Spire into a completely different beast as you attempt to deal with the random elements that come with the procedural level layouts that change each time you play, creating a wholly different experience each time around.

The game is scheduled to enter into Early Access on November 15th next month. It’s scheduled to stay in Early Access for anywhere between four and eight months. At present there’s already 15 through 30 hours worth of gameplay content after two years of development, but before pulling the trigger on the full release they decided to refine the gameplay and further hone the polish of the title.

You can learn more about Slay The Spire by visiting the Steam store page.


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