Sonic Forces Japanese PS4 Demo Out, New Video Shows Demo Gameplay

After the release of the Nintendo Switch Japanese demo of Sonic Forces, a new demo for PS4 is now available to play. If you are considering picking up Sonic Forces and you want to play the game early, both the Japanese Switch and PS4 demo of Sonic Forces are out now.

Following the release of a Switch demo in Japan comes another demo by Sega for PS4 for Sonic Forces. If you want to get your hands on the Switch version via the Nintendo eShop in Japan, it will call for 573MB.

If you don’t own a Switch and your Looking at the PS4 version of Sonic Forces, the demo will take up 1.9GB via the PlayStation Store.

As for content, the demo sports three separate stages: One stage for “Modern Sonic”, one for “Classic Sonic”, and one for the new “Hero Character”. It’s worth noting that each stage that you participate in will have a timer, this means you can’t explore a stage forever.

Gameplay showing what is at hand after download can be seen below, if you are leery about getting the demo for your Switch or PS4. The video comes in courtesy of PS360HD.

If you don’t have a Japanese account for either platform I’m sure Sega will eventually release a Western demo for its given platforms in the near future, hopefully.

Seeing that Sonic Forces is set to release in the next two weeks, gamers who don’t have access to the demo will only need to wait a short amount of time before the actual game hits store shelves and the digital scene.

Speaking of releasing to the public for consumption, Sonic Forces is due out for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on November 7th in the West, and November 9th in Japan.

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