Spintires: Mudrunner Trailer Demonstrates Winch Cables, Cranes And Soft-Tire Physics
Spintires Mudrunners

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive let loose a new trailer for the upcoming console release of Spintires: Mudrunner, featuring additional gameplay and highlighting some of the content you can expect to experience in the off-road driving sim.

The trailer features two minutes of actual in-game play, starting off with a look at a 4×4 jeep trekking through some rough forest terrain and hilly slopes off the edge of a riverbank. This small part of the trailer quickly showcases how tight the physics are and how realistic the vehicles handle. You can check it out below.

The trailer then gives us a look at the cockpit view inside a jeep along with revealing how it’s possible to take on assigned travel routes across the large sandbox map.

Another neat feature in Spintires: Mudrunner is that it borrows a feature from Driver: San Francisco, where you can magically switch vehicles if you get near them. We see the jeep pull up to a tanker and the player uses the menu to quickly swap between the two motorized monsters.

The trailer then switches over to a hauler with logs in the back. The diesel-powered truck exhausts some extremely impressive volumetric smog onto the ground as the heavy loader struggles to rip and tear through the geometrically deformable ground.

The rest of the trailer highlights how the “hostile environments” have day and night cycles so you get very distinct looking scenarios and environmental conditions to explore, and there’s also a flexible winch system that enables you to attach vehicles to sturdy objects and either tow the vehicle toward the object or tow the object to the vehicle.

The scene with the truck coming out of the water while attached to the tree reminded me of the film The Sorcerer with Roy Scheider.

The game also features soft-body physics for the tires and rigid-body physics for the rest of the truck. We also get to see a really cool multiplayer sequence at the end of the trailer, where a couple of the trucks attempt to help get the blue jeep out of the water by using the crane and tow cable.

You can look for Spintires: Mudrunner to launch on PS4 and Xbox One starting October 31st. For further information you can hit up the game’s official website.


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