The St Christopher’s School Lockdown, Graphic Novel-Style Adventure Lands On Steam
The St Christopher School Lockdown

A new point-and-click adventure game with graphic novel-inspired artwork from developer Classroom Graffiti Productions called The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown has officially launched on Steam for $14.99.

The game prides itself on its irreverent approach to some off kilter subject matter while bombarding gamers with a visual smorgasbord of a rich palette and a tapestry of screen clutter. The game is a throwback to the hand-drawn adventure titles from back in the 1990s before Telltale Games revived the genre and then over-saturated with reskin jobs.

Classroom Graffiti Productions’ title was originally a Kickstarter project from four years ago. The game entered into the crowdfunding phase back in the spring of 2013, and four years later the developers managed to finish the game and get it up and out on the Steam digital storefront. They also dropped the official launch trailer for the game, which you can scope out below.

Now if you’re not entirely keen on current day politics, you might not like the story in The St. Christopher School Lockdown because it’s inspired by current-day political events, centering around a prestigious British education institute that has been overtaken by its student body consisting of over 200 students.

The kids stage a lock-in protest against some new changes in the financial rulings while facing scrutiny from the media, attention from the police, and angry enough individuals in the government to make things rough for the students in the institute.

Players will take on the role of Kayleigh in the first episode, centered around her trying to find refuge away from a debt she can’t pay and the unsettling blackmail that comes with it. However, in an attempt to hide away in St. Christopher, she finds herself trapped inside the school where things may be worse inside than out.

The game features various mini-games, including a collectible voodoo doll trading game, point-and-click puzzles to solve, various characters to interact with, and around eight hours worth of gameplay.

You can check it out over on the Steam store right now for $14.99. Given that they mention this is the first episode, I’m assuming Adventure Productions and Classroom Graffiti Productions will roll out additional episodes at some point in the near future.


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