Star Citizen Video Demonstrates RSI’s Version Of Coruscant

Star Citizen - AsCorp

Roberts Space Industries demonstrated one of the new planets set to be featured in one of the upcoming builds of Star Citizen at this past year’s CitizenCon in Frankfurt, Germany. The demonstration at CitizenCon starts on the ArcCorp planet inside of a city that’s described as Star Citizen’s version of Coruscant, a popular planet from Star Wars.

The demonstration is all kinds of ridiculously impressive. It may be a controlled environment but if any of this can actually make it into the game then it would be terribly impressive. We see two different types of quantum travel, one is for short distance travel while the other is for trraveling long distances across the solar system.

Most impressive, however, is the populated ArcCorp city that’s bustling with NPC activity and teeming with all sorts of high grade effects on display. You can check it out in the 37 minute technical demonstration below, courtesy of MathChief.

After walking around in a cyberpunk-themed city on ArcCorp that looks a lot like something out of Blade Runner, they hop into the ship and take it for a spin around the planet, visiting one of the other sectors.

All the meanwhile this takes place without the game having to stop to load in new content. It’s all dynamically streamed in and out of memory. For the single-player portion of discovery and exploration the build seemed fairly stable, but as we’ve seen in the Around The Verse episodes, alpha 3.0 has some serious difficulty with stability when it comes to having multiple players moving and flying around in an instance.

The other majorly impressive feat was seeing the ship go from ground to space without loading and then use the quantum travel to the Staten system where they explored the Hurston planet.

This sort of gameplay was something many gamers had hoped to experience in Star Wars: Battlefront 3 but alas LucasArts cancelled it. If Star Citizen can ever get a stable build out to the public this would probably be the closest thing we would get to Battlefront III.

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