Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Teases Rey As The True Villain
Star Wars The Last Jedi

The new trailer for Disney’s Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi has gone live. It’s a lot better than I thought it would be. Instead of being another power-trip for Rey, it looks like Rey may end up being the true villain after all.

The trailer teases a lot of different story arcs all at once. We find out that Finn has survived and attempts to face off against Captain Phasma; the two lock horns in a melee battle in space. We also get to find out what Luke Skywalker’s role is in all of this… revealing that she once trained Kylo Ren but things didn’t go over so well and he got his old arse curb stomped. And we also find out that Kylo Ren is on a mission to commit patricide throughout this trilogy, targeting his mother Leia Organa.

Check out the full two minute and 41 second trailer below, courtesy of MovieClips Trailers.

Luke has a very interesting role in this film as the reluctant and frightened Jedi master. It appears that perhaps Luke truly is the last Jedi.

In the previous trailer I thought Luke might have been the villain due to the way they portrayed him as this dark and snarling figure. However, we find out that his demeanor is aimed at the Star Wars-era version of millennial Jedi who suffer from a lack of control when it comes to their powers. It’s not so much that Luke is a villain, just rather an enemy to the likes of brats like Kylo and Rey.

Wisely, Luke refuses to train Rey due to her Mary Sue powers, and sends her on her way.

Rey only wants to be trained!

Why won’t someone think of the Mary Sue?!

Anyway, Kylo is given very clear and concise directions from Snoke, who looks like a wrinkly old snake that tried to get plastic surgery in order to look like one of those big-headed aliens from Mars Attacks.

Star Wars The Last Jedi - Captain Phasma

Given Kylo’s very obvious direction in life, Rey decides to redirect her attention to the emo-Sith kid with a lame looking scare.

The trailer ends with Kylo extending a hand to Rey as she asks for help with finding her place among the stars. There’s a strong implication that Rey may join Kylo and become an all-powerful villain.

It’s probably the best route for the series to take from here on. Heck, making Rey embrace her inner (and outer) Mary Sue and kill Snoke, take over the First Order and run the Empire might even make it interesting. Turning Kylo into the anti-hero who must kill Rey might even make Star Wars great again.

I guess we’ll find out where it all goes on December 15th.


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