Stars In Shadow Legacies DLC Goes Live October 19th

Stars in Shadow DLC

Ashdar Games and Iceberg Interactive’s Stars In Shadow 4x strategy game is set to receive a brand new piece of DLC starting October 19th later this week in the form of Legacies.

The new content introduces a brand new playable faction, and takes place years after the Great War and the collapse of the hyperspace lanes that were used to travel quickly around the solar system.

The DLC specifically centers around the cyborg race known as Tinkers. They worship an automaton factory called Dzibix that creates machines on a harsh desert-world.

The Tinkers have attempted to convert their civilization into a cybernetic one, where they work toward maintaining and appeasing the ever-growing self-awareness of Dzibix.

Tinkers also begin to venture outside their home world using their cybernetically themed spaceships, which have increased armor and self-repair capabilities over the standard ships utilized by other races.

The DLC also contains a second faction that players will be able to play known as the Arda Seed. They’re a minor faction with a new set of starships and space stations for players to encounter, and they have very lore-specific tendencies that will allow gamers to further uncover the story behind the game’s Great War.

Ashdar Games will also be adding new planetary special attributes to the game, including debris rings and asteroid bases, along with new space habitats, and hyperspace anomalies for players to discover.

New tech, weapons and research will also be available to help expand on the base gameplay that’s already present in the 4x strategy title. The original game came out earlier this year at the end of January, and picked up a decent sized community in the process. The budget-priced title doesn’t necessarily push the 4x genre to any great extents beyond what you’ve encountered from other games, but it’s a nice little addition to the space-sim sub-genre.

You can learn more about the Legacies DLC expansion for Stars in Shadow by visiting the Steam store page.