Super Mario Odyssey Has Sold Over 2 Million Units In Three Days

Super Mario Odyssey has been in the news all this week and for some good stuff, too. Well, it seems that Nintendo has managed to move quite the number of units regarding Super Mario Odyssey, wherein the latest financial briefing reveals over 2 Million copies have been purchased within three day’s time.

Mario is no stranger to the gaming community and with his latest and most anticipated appearance exclusive to the Nintendo Switch would only fit the bill of selling over 2 million units within three days.

Whether you like the game or not, the truth behind Super Mario Odyssey reaching big numbers in days can be traced from Nintendo’s latest financial results in a briefing for fiscal year ending March 2018.

You can read what President of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, had to say about this whole thing, and then some, by hitting up

According to the very long letter it is said that through Nintendo’s estimate of global sellthrough has tracked the following information:

“We estimate that the global sellthrough of Super Mario Odyssey has already exceeded two million units in just its first three days”.

Moreover, Nintendo wants to expand the Switch in terms of reaching more people by inviting other publishers and developers to make games for the new system. This also means that new games from the company will hit the platform, too.

If we do see more Nintendo games land in the future for the Switch, could we see old classics return as new titles? I know a lot of people have a log of older games that they would love to see come to fruition as of 2017 or 2018 and moving forward, which would be pretty interesting.

Lastly, I’m sure Super Mario Odyssey and the Switch will see more love in the near future when holiday season rolls around, which isn’t too far away.


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