Terminator 2, Chinese PUBG Clone APK Download Available For Android

Terminator 2 PUBG Download

A mobile clone version of Bluehole Studios’ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently launched back on October 13th in China from online MMO publisher NetEase called Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The mobile game’s APK is available for download directly from the official website, along with news, information, and details about the clone.

You can download the APK for the game from the Android download link.

The game has been slowly making its way across YouTube, where Chinese gamers and others have been posting up video footage of the MMO shooter, where you play characters themed after some of the characters in Terminator 2, such as Sarah Conner. The gameplay, however, is identical to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with a simple control scheme tweak to match the limited buttons available on mobile phones.

The objective of the game is identical to Bluehole’s title: you parachute in from a flying fortress and then attempt to scavenge supplies and weapons, and then you proceed to kill as many people as possible before time runs out.

GamesRadar spotted a video of the game that was posted up by YouTuber Lajos Csoka.

The game is designed for those 16 and up, and as is typical with almost every MMO available in China, it has microtransactions in the form of character costumes and vehicles.

The game is kind of odd because nothing about it actually looks like Terminator 2. It literally just looks like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with a mobile GUI overlay.

Now they did add some new content like a low-rider motorcycle… so there’s that. Also the other vehicles you can purchase are also new, but they look more like vehicles from Mad Max than Terminator.

Anyway, you can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.

I wonder if Bluehole, a Korean company, will get angry at their Western Asian counterparts ripping off their product to make some quick bucks with a mobile clone? They got fairly butthurt about Epic Games adding a Battle Royale mode to Fortnite, so we’ll see if they express some level tantrum-throwing at NetEase for practically plagiarizing their game.