The Papered House, PS1-Like Horror Game Set To Hit PC Late 2017

Looking for a new horror game for 2017? The latest PS1-like horror game to hit PC is The Papered House. The first-person survival game is currently set to drop sometime during the latter part of 2017.

Whether you like to call the console that brought Sony where it is today as PS1 or the PSX, the latest horror-survival game that’s indie will hit PC via Steam this year with graphics of that era.

No given date has been set yet for The Papered House by the devs, but it’s said that sometime during the latter part of 2017, around December, we’ll see the game drop for the masses to consume.

No trailer has been seeded nor is there any gameplay as of this moment, which coincides with this recent tweet by the devs behind the game.

Nevertheless, folks thirsty for something that shows actual in-game footage of the PS1-like game can view various screenshots below.

Additionally, we know and can see that the protagonist will have to explore a strange house and its shadowy halls, where mysterious caves, and dark-lit doorways will be constant encounters in this haunted manor:

From the sound of it, The Papered House will not be a walking sim, although that could be another story at launch. If the game channels old-school horror-survival games and stows the modern day walking sim coupled with jump scares away, I think this could be an indie title to remember.

Last but not least, the devs will post up their official website and YouTube channel sometime soon. The main site and YouTube channel will play host to all gameplay videos and information regarding The Papered House, which is slated to drop soon.

If you want to stay updated on the progress of this forthcoming title, you can find further info by hitting up the team’s Twitter page. Until then, The Papered House will hit Steam Q4 2017.

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