This Is The Police Set To Land On Nintendo Switch October 24th
This is The Police - Nintendo Switch

Two versions of This Is The Police will be made available for the Nintendo Switch this fall, including a digital version of the game that will be available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop starting later this month on October 24th, and a physical release of the game set to be made available on December 5th that you’ll be able to pick up from participating retailers.

The game puts players in the role of Jack Boyd, a Chief of Police at Freeburg PD, who is on the brink of retirement. The issue, however, is that Boyd is strapped for cash. He’s given his life to the police department but hasn’t received much of anything in return. Boyd wants to at least retire with some sort of financial safety net, so it’s up to players to do what they can to both turn around the skyrocketing crime in Freeburg while also trying to make Boyd some cash in the meantime.

Gameplay consists of lots of decision making and personnel management, where you’ll have to decide to crack down on certain areas at the risk of being thin on police units, or attempt to win over the community by being more lenient with how criminals are handled. There’s no right answer or easy way about it, but that’s why it’s called This Is The Police.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Nintendo Galaxy to get a brief idea of what to expect from the game if you haven’t already seen the crowdfunded title in action on PC.

The game was originally announced for the Nintendo Switch back in August, but Weappy Studio have finally detailed that the game will launch this fall for the Switch both digitally and physically.

The game has been available for quite some time on the other home consoles and PC, and it managed to accrue some level of controversy over how the regressive media felt the game wasn’t hardline enough in forcing players to be a Social Justice Warrior. Weappy gives gamers the choice and options in how to carry out the duties as the police chief, and the city’s crime will rise or fall depending on your decisions.

You can look for the game to go live on October 24th on the eShop and December 5th at retail.


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