Vaping Simulator Adds Matt Furie-Themed DLC In The Form Of A Punching Bag
Vaping Simulator

RedSquare Studios’ Vaping Simulator was one of the many properties out there hit with a copyright claim from Matt Furie’s lawyers. The game originally featured a character named Papi who was a green frog that looked like Furie’s Pepe The Frog creation, thus opening it up for copyright infringement. RedSquare obliged Furie by changing up Papi and making him look different while also removing Pepe-related branding. Well, some additional DLC just recently launched and it gives no quarter for whom it takes jabs.

The new “Mad Furry” punching back DLC for Vaping Simulator is currently available for $0.79. The DLC is just a basic punching bag located in your second house on the second floor.

According to RedSquare Studios on the Steam community page

“Savage. Mad Furry DLC is now out. It’s more cosmetic DLC than anything”

It’s a direct poke at Pepe The Frog creator, Matt Furie.

The developer wasn’t the only one who got caught in the cross hair of Furie’s legal fury. Other Conservatives were also targeted by Furie’s lawyers, including Mike Cernovich and an author of a children’s book.

The aggressive legal pursuits by the comic creator came amid his epiphany to cleanse Pepe The Frog imagery from the internet that he deemed had been usurped by the Alt-Right and Conservatives.

Furie began suing, DMCA’ing and copyright striking content that he felt portrayed Pepe in a negative light.

The purpose of this legal crusade was to get the frog of the Anti-Defamation League’s list of hate symbols, in which case he was added after mainstream media outlets like CNN began broadcasting the frog everywhere, claiming he was in a battle against Hillary Clinton for the soul of America.

Clinton lost.

Nevertheless, while Furie may be going about trying to challenge and change the internet meme factories, RedSquare is having a bit of of fun by poking at Furie with the latest update for Vaping Simulator.

Keep in mind that the game itself is little more than an open-world, empty sandbox meme-game. There isn’t much to do nor is there much of a goal. However, it apparently did just enough to draw the attention (and ire) of Furie and his lawyers.


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