Visceral’s Star Wars Gameplay And Story Was Going To Be Like Uncharted

After EA found Visceral Games to be a waste in their eyes and shut the studio down, Visceral developers took to social media and other outlets to talk about the Star Wars game code named “RagTag”. According to the now canceled game’s premise, it was to be like Uncharted.

I bet it comes in as no surprise that the Star Wars game or “RagTag” was going to sport similar traits found in the Uncharted series of games, given that Amy Hennig was on board. But I bet a lot of people were curious as to what the game would have gamers doing in this story driven single-player title with multiple characters, right?

Well, according to publication site GameRant we learn that there would have been a lot of environmental interaction and lethal and non-lethal ways to interact with enemies. No Force powers would have been in the game, but it would have been centered around using different teammates to do specific things, however you could switch back and forth at certain points.

The publication site also touches on tech demos that were used to pitch progress and the state of the game to EA, which reads:

“The Uncharted Star/Wars mashup had three demos prepared to show EA what the team hoped would be enough to save their company. As a brief sample of experiences, Visceral displayed an escape from a pursuing AT-ST walker, a shootout on the planet Tatooine, and a rescue mission in the dungeons of Jabba’s palace. Unfortunately for the team, their example wasn’t enough for EA executives, who decided to close down Visceral and change the direction the title was heading in.”

As noted above, sabotage was key to progressing through a stage and interacting with your AI crew could often manipulate a bad situation into your favor.

The header image above is key art of the crew. The publication site went on to explain the names and roles of the “RagTag” crew, in which the leader went by the name of Dodger, who was a “cracked mirror” version of Han Solo. Robie the gunslinger was also a member along with Ooba, daughter of a mob boss, and Buck, the mentor of the crew and a veteran leader.

Lastly, we learn that the crew together would explore a world that had just witnessed the destruction of Alderaan. This act would force the crew to band together and form an “unstoppable” team.

As it stands now, the game is canceled and the studio is shutdown with Amy Hennig off the team. EA has disclosed that they wanted to make the “RagTag” title more open and broader so that players will come back to it, meaning that its core design will be pivoted in a new direction.


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