Wheels Of Aurelia, Road-Trip Visual Novel Coming To Nintendo Switch November 2nd

Wheels of Aurelia

Italian development studio Santa Ragione announced that their visual novel, Wheels of Aurelia, will make its debut on the Nintendo Switch next month on November 2nd. You’ll be able to pick up the game from the Nintendo eShop for only $9.99.

Mixed Bag Publishing is handling the distribution of the game, and it’s classified as a interactive visual novel experience. It takes place along the western coast of Italy during the 1970s. It’s a road-trip visual novel themed around exploring the culture of the country while meeting “dynamic” but not diverse characters.

You’ll have a choice in making some detours or sticking to a strict travel plan. You’ll play as the fiery Lella, described as a “bold” and “spunky” woman. You can check out the trailer for Wheels of Aurelia below to see what the game will have in store for Switch owners this November.

Okay so this is a really odd looking game.

The lo-fi, minimalist art-style mimics old toys from the 1970s, which is kind of cool. However, I spent the whole trailer not being sure who Lella was until I thoroughly watched it again and realized that the the person in the leather jacket who I thought was a dandy dude with a rebel personality was actually Lella!

I’m not familiar enough with Santa Ragione to know whether or not this is one of those games that became an indie darling with the media cliques because it hit checkboxes or not, but it did manage to land a variety of award nominations at Fantastic Arcade, the EG Awards, the Maze Awards, Big Festival, Drago D’Oro and… IndieCade.

It’s hard to get a gauge on this title right proper. It looks interesting and we don’t get many story-oriented road trip games, so this could be a huge break from the typical visual novels usually released.

If you’re interested in a more offbeat game for the Nintendo Switch, you can look to grab a copy starting November 2nd.