White Noise 2, Co-op Horror Game Heads To PS4 On October 13th
White Noise 2

Milkstone Studios’ asymmetric cooperative, PvP, horror-survival game called White Noise 2, is set to launch on Sony’s PlayStation 4 starting next week on October 13th. The game has been enjoying a successful run on Steam at the moment, where it competes with other similar games like Dead by Daylight and Friday The 13th: The Game.

The game itself is about a team of investigators who must scour through deadly environments in search of clues while supernatural entities are lurking about. Four players will work together to examine the environment, gather evidence, and ultimately solve the paranormal mysteries thereabout.

It may seem like an easy task but there’s a monster that will attempt to take out the four investigators. Either a player or the AI can control the monster, utilizing various traps and stage hazards to impede the investigators.

You can’t really get a gauge of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below, but it does give you a good look at the creepy environments you’ll be exploring.

So a couple of notes: the game is played in first-person. There are 15 different playable investigators and four different creatures, each with their own powers and abilities. Each of the investigators will attempt to go around and find the necessary clues scattered throughout the stage. Unlike the other games such as Dead by Daylight, there’s a huge advantage to staying close together because you can use your flashlight to damage the specters in White Noise 2. So if you see one of your fellow teammates being killed or haunted, or hunted, or attacked, just flash the light at the ghastly apparition to damage it and force it away.

As is usual with games like this, resources are limited and you’ll have to pick and choose when to face off against the deadly ghosts.

It’s not a groundbreaking gameplay experience but it’s a lot more focused and co-op oriented than Friday The 13th: The Game or Dead by Daylight. It also encourages more exploration and a little bit more independence than Evolve.

You can look for the game to arrive on the PlayStation Store on October 13th for the PS4,


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