Wild West Online Alpha Gameplay Videos Surface Showing State Of Game

Wild West Online is an upcoming third-person shooter that takes gamers back many years to the time where six-shooters, horses and bank robberies were very common (or are still common if you live in Mongolia). The MMO is currently in an alpha state and two videos cover whether or not you should help support the game.

Developed by 612 Games comes a PC exclusive game titled Wild West Online. With Red Dead Redemption 2 on the horizon and shaping up to release in Spring of 2018, which is almost around the same time when Wild West Online is set to go into Beta, maybe, there’s no doubt that a showdown will spark between the two at high-noon.

So with that said, is Wild West Online going to be worth it or is it better to hold out and fulfill your Wild West dream by going with RDR2? Well, alpha and beta builds of a game speak a lot about the volume of its potential before it hits the market to be consumed, and now that there are videos out for Wild West Online you might be able to form a slight opinion as to whether the game is something worth keeping an eye on or not.

The first video comes in by Mellowism, who takes to the rocky canyons and dangerous valleys for you and provides his personal thoughts on the current state of the game so that you can decide if you should put down money and help WWO’s development.

The second video is a bit more center field and doesn’t sway over to praising the game nor bashing it too much. Instead, the video footage is more like a misadventure tale about a gunslinger who happens to stumble upon a group multiple times in an attempt to get rich. In other words, it provides a look at what the social side of the game and what player interaction is like. The video comes in by VERTiiGO GAMING and runs for 22 minutes.

It’ll be interesting to see if Wild West Online can stand up tall against RDR2 and if it won’t be a thing of the past but a relevant game to usher in a bright new future?  Regardless, what is for certain is that a new update showing over 17 weapons is now present on the game’s Facebook page.

More info on Wild West Online can be found over on playwwo.com.


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