WWE 2K18 Mods Bring Back CM Punk
WWE 2K18 CM Punk

There are a couple of work-in-progress mods for former WWE superstar and failed UFC star, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. The wrestler-turned-cage fighter is still popular within the wrestling community, and it should come as no surprise that a couple of top-tier modders are already hard at work at bringing the supposed “best in the world” to life for WWE 2K18 owners.

For those of you playing WWE 2K18 on PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll be relegated to downloading knockoff CM Punk custom creations. However, for those of you playing the game on PC, you’ll be treated to a variety of high-quality mods in the works. For one, if you’re a StreamPro VIP donor you can have first dibs on AznBlusuazn’s CM Punk mod for the PC version of WWE 2K18.

The mod is a port-over from WWE 2K15, but with the improved character shaders and compatibility designed for WWE 2K18.

Alternatively, there’s an upcoming mod in the works from Curb Stomp City featuring the former WWE champion, with a two minute video of the entrance and theme song that’s so iconic to CM Punk’s persona. The stylings are a little bit different given that in Curb Stomp City’s version CM Punk has a close-shaven head and a fuller beard. You can keep track of his progress on the mod and look for the download link to appear on the SmackTalks.org forums.

Despite the fact that they managed to recreate CM Punk, complete with the nameplate, moveset, entrance, and his theme song, the real-life superstar has no time nor interest in entertaining the fans.

After turning his back on the wrestling community, fans have embraced the Stockholm Syndrome by lapping up his every move despite not caring about them.

WWE 2K18 CM Punk Mod

For wrestling fans who happen to be PC gamers, you can at least do something that the real Phil Brooks will never do: show appreciation to the fans.

If you’re stuck playing WWE 2K18 on home consoles, then you’re also stuck with whatever the community creates. Maybe next year 2K Games will take a page out of Bethesda’s book and make it where you can get your hands on custom mods for WWE 2K19 on home console? … … nah.


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