X-Men: The New Mutants Trailer Reveals It’s A Full Fledged Horror Flick

X-Men The New Mutants - Safe Room

It looks like Fox is taking a completely different direction with the new Alice Braga flick, X-Men: The New Mutants. Instead of focusing on kids becoming super heroes, the trailer portrays the new group of mutants as dangerous, uncontrollable, deadly weapons.

Had you never known that it was X-Men the trailer would basically lead you to believe that this was a supernatural horror flick.

X-Men The New Mutants

I can’t say I’m disappointed because it’s something the super hero genre desperately needs. Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe homogenized the super hero entertainment movie-going experience, there were a few flicks back in the day that did mix up the formula, namely the first two Blade flicks, which were more like sci-fi, action-thrillers, with the second film dabbling more into the aberrant body-horror sub-genre.

It looks like 20th Century Fox is heading back in that direction with X-Men: The new Mutants, with a trailer set to the tune of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. It’s perfectly creepy and a nice welcomed change in an unsettling sort of way. Check it out below, courtesy of 9 Media.

Halfway through the trailer we see that Braga gets her face all slashed up, there’s some fire kid trapped in a washing machine, and someone is having some horrifying hallucinations about faces trying to break through the wall.

The whole thing seems to be themed around some other newer mutant possibly being overtly violent and terrifying.

If it’s a low-budget horror flick using the X-Men license I can’t complain. It’s at least something different. I imagine after the success of the road-trip action-drama that was Logan, Fox is rethinking the whole super hero genre, mixing and matching it into sub-genres as they explore some new cinematic territory.

Not everyone in the comment section is pleased with the horror-direction that Fox is taking the X-Men franchise, but could it really be any worse than the previous X-Men flicks barring Logan?

Anyway, you can look for the flick to drop on April 13th in 2018.

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