Battle Chef Brigade Arrives On Nintendo Switch November 20th
Battle Chef Brigade

Trinket Studios announced that Battle Chef Brigade will make its way to the Nintendo Switch and Steam starting November 20th. The game is like a mix of God of Cookery meets Mega Man. It’s an oddball combination that managed to capture the attention of the gaming community when Trinket had the game Kickstarted a while back.

The news about the release date was made known with a quick overview trailer focusing on one of the characters in the game named Mina.

The trailer highlights how the game works. Mina is one of the two playable characters in the game where they enter into a cooking tournament in hopes of winning.

In order to impress the judges of the cooking competition you have to first gather up the ingredients by venturing out into the world, battling wild beasts and cutting up their hides to take their meat.

Once you get done taking your items, you head back to the stadium and partake in a series of match-3 games until you finish the meal and hand it in to the judges. The release date was accompanied by a trailer that gives you a rundown of the gameplay. You can check it out below.

The game is pretty cool and very original. It’s not often that we get games centered around culinary arts, and even fewer games themed around RPG hack-and-slash elements based around gastronomy.

It’s a little similar to Monster Hunter’s cooking system fused with Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit.

The developers have focused most of the trailers around Mina, keeping the other character… refrained.

The game itself will feature leaderboards, puzzle rush modes, a full story mode and a variety of different maps and monsters to battle.

Trinket is focused on a Nintendo Switch and Steam release for now. I assume if the game does well enough they’ll eventually port it to the Xbox One and PS4.

You can learn more about Battle Chef Brigade by visiting the Steam Store page.


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