Brutal Doom V.21 Public Beta Download Now Available For PC

If you are a big fan of Doom, specifically Brutal Doom, there’s a new public beta available for download. This public beta by SGtMarkIV brings the mod up to version 21, and you can do so via two download links that are now available for PC.

Before explaining key points behind this mod or new version of Brutal DoomSGtMarkIV has a description and video explaining what folks can jump into and expect as of now:

“No, it’s not finished, I still don’t have all the planned features done, but it already is more stable than v20b and has a giant list of new things implemented. Almost everything you have seen on my dev diary trailers can be found on this version. Full version might come up in December.”

That’s right, the mod offers a lot more than its previous build. Version 21 is said to be far more stable than that of version 20 and will be expanded on in the near future.

I should note, though, that there is a problem with this version of the mod as of right now. Folks will find that it is still unfinished, as noted above by SGtMarkIV, but if you still want to rip and tear demons to shreds the latest version of Brutal Doom is still up for grabs via download links.

Moreover, there will be vehicles that you can take control of and use to roll over otherworldly enemies. So far, we can see in the trailer above that one of the vehicles is a tank.

The last piece of information shared regarding version 21 in the video is improved gib physics, new death animations and weapons to use to eviscerate anything in your path.

The full version of Brutal Doom version 21 is currently slated for December of this year, but in the meantime you can either hit up or to play the public beta.


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