Bungie Cancels Destiny 2 Stream To Discuss XP Scaling Fiasco
Destiny 2 Live-Stream Delayed

Bungie got caught red-handed corking experience points for hardcore Destiny 2 players in order to lower their total XP output and presumably coax them into buying items from the cash shop in order to make money off the hardcore grinders. Well, Bungie originally responded by saying they were removing an algorithm scaler that purposefully limited XP output and curtailed XP gains for the most hardcore players, only for those same players to discover that Bungie still had an artificial limiter in place. So now the company has announced that they will be canceling the live-stream on Wednesday in order to talk about the updates coming in the next few weeks to address the issues raised by the community.

David “Deej” Dague made a forum post about the matter on November 28th, 2017, writing…

“Tomorrow, we had planned to conduct the final stream prior to the launch of “Curse of Osiris” to show off some of the weapons and armor the expansion includes. Instead, we are investing all our efforts into delivering some higher priority information about Destiny 2. You’ll hear from studio leadership about their assessment of Destiny all up, they’ll talk about our goals for the game going forward, and you’ll also learn about how we’re reacting to your feedback with some game updates that will arrive in the next few weeks.”

What’s odd is that this even needs an announcement.

If the company was being honest about their product they would simply remove ALL the artificial scalers and let gamers play and level as they see fit. However, Bungie is intent on weaseling around and attempting to get their cake and eat it, too.

Most gamers are curious why they just can’t be honest about the XP gains in the post game of Destiny 2?

Why can’t they just let gamers acquire the Bright Engrams according to the time and skills they exhibit within the available game modes to stack up XP and unlock the gains after level 20?

The reality is that if they completely remove all the scalers and allow gamers to progress based on their grind-time and dedication, they would be missing out on luring gamers toward the cash shop in order to acquire XP boosts and Silver. Essentially, some people who are grinding for more XP might get tired and use the XP boosts to help them out, just the same as those who get tired of grinding entirely and would pay for Silver so that they can unlock the Bright Engrams without grinding at all.

If Bungie was honest, they would simply make a post saying they’re updating the game to remove all the post-game XP scalers and let people just enjoy the game. However, instead they’re taking the politically diplomatic route about it by wanting to talk about (and likely justify) the use of scalers in the game and what sort of updates they’ll implement in the coming weeks to balance Destiny 2. Hopefully the community doesn’t fall for any soothe saying or excuses.


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