Bush Hockey League, Retro-Themed Action Hockey Game Now Available On Xbox One
Bush League Hockey

When was the last time you played a hockey game that was rated ‘M’ for Mature? Probably can’t remember can you? It was probably EA’s Mutant League Hockey wasn’t it? Well, we’re far removed from the days when EA used to make good games, but that doesn’t mean other developers aren’t trying their hardest to rekindle the fun and nostalgia from the yesteryears. In fact, V7 Entertainment’s Bush Hockey League is attempting to encapsulate the fondness of over-the-top arcade hockey-rink action for the Xbox One.

The game features 10 original teams (since they obviously couldn’t get the NHL license now that it’s in EA’s possession, and plus I doubt the National Hockey League would be too inclined to let a developer slap official logos and gear on an ‘M’ rated hockey romp).

There’s also a story mode where you don the skates of the Schuylkill Hinto Brews and attempt to play your way up the leagues and hit the big time to become Bush League champions.

Of course, the game also sports both local four-player multiplayer modes and online multiplayer. You can check out the game in action with the launch trailer below.

The game is fast-paced but you can still follow the action. It’s not lightning fast but it is themed after the momentum-themed gameplay from classic hockey games like NHL 94.

Something about this game also kind of reminds me of the indie flick Goon.

Anyway, the game features strong language, alcohol, violence and blood. So you probably don’t want little Timmy anywhere near this title until he knocks a chick up, gets arrested for drunk driving, and beats up his arch rival who used to give him wet willies during gym when the coach wasn’t looking… that’s right, I’m talking about that douche bag, Travis. So I’m guessing you’ll just have to wait until he’s around 15 or 16-years old before he’s ready for Bush Hockey League.

The title is already out and available for the PlayStation 4 and on the Steam store for PC. You can pick up a copy of Bush Hockey League for the Xbox One from over on the Xbox Store for justy $11.99.


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