CarX Drift Racing Online Rekindles Drifting From Need For Speed Underground
CarX Drift Racing Online

Fancy a competitive game of drifting against seven other gamers in online racing? Well, CarX Technologies’ CarX Drift Racing Online is a throwback to EA’s Need For Speed Underground, a time when EA used to make good games.

The title came out back on November 17th, but it was an easy game to miss given all the hoopla surrounding Electronic Arts (surprise, surprise) and their attempt at getting kids hooked on gambling via their premium loot box system in Star Wars: Battlefront II. There was also the other issue of the game being skipped over by EA’s other AAA outing, Need For Speed: Payback. However, like a good pint of beer, the sweet foam always rises to the top.

CarX Drift Racing Online - Custom Livery

CarX Technologies’ CarX Drift Racing Online has been receiving almost universal praise from gamers for its cheap price, working online mechanics, and most importantly for having a solid drift-racing physics system that hearkens back to the classic days of Need For Speed. You can check out the video below to get an idea of what the game is all about, courtesy of TheSLAPTrain.

The game is all about drifting.

This isn’t a standard point-to-point race, or yet another pro-circuit racing game focused on taking tight corners and slipping through chicanes with grace. Oh no, every hairpin turn you take in this game will require you to out-drift your opponent.

The developers have implemented 10 different race tracks into the game, along with 30 different tuner-ready cars with a host of modification settings to alter the drifting physics.

As evident in the video above, the game was designed around using gamepads and force feedback wheels, so if you’re a racing enthusiast, it’s kind of designed for you.

CarX Drift Racing Online – Drifting

During the launch of the game the developers also added a number of changes to the body configurations for the Phoenix SX, Burner JDRM, Wanderer L30, Spector RS, Loki 4M and the Atlas GT.

Post launch it was also made possible to set the grip level on the tires for your car, along with the wheel offset.

If you’re interested in CarX Drift Racing Online you can pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store for $9.99.


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