CD Projekt Red Wants To Change The Game Industry For The Better

After the clarification that CD Project Red had sent out to YouTuber Pretty Good Gaming in regard to gamers being concerned about Cyberpunk 2077 featuring “greedy practices”, the company, CDPR, sent the YouTubers another message detailing that they want to change the game industry for the better.

Firstly, I know that this message was meant to be a private message, but seeing how the YouTubers, Pretty Good Gaming, disclosed everything in the private tweet for folks and gamers alike to read I thought to share it, since CDPR seems to be sincere about making a good impact on games and the industry as a whole.

Before covering the content in the written letter or tweet, you can watch what Pretty Good Gaming had to say about the overall situation dealing with Cyberpunk 2077, microtransactions, greedy practices, and the tweet by CDPR:

Alright, given the private tweet by CDPR has been detailed by the YouTubers, which was meant to be private, the letter explains that CDPR has to use two languages when talking to gamers and investors.

Talk during these investor chats are said to gravitate to financial issues, but they are not meant to harm the outcome of something that is meant to be fun in the end, resulting in what made the company what it is today:

The letter continues and insures that there is no need to remind CDPR not to be greedy, because the team’s sole intent is to change the industry for the better:

The team concluded the letter by stressing that they are glad people are interested in CDPR and Cyberpunk 2077 and that the game will release to gamers “when it’s done.”

Given that the team has disclosed the same thing twice, once for the public to see and another for Pretty Good Gaming to see, does suggest that the team could be serious about not being greedy when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077 and future products.

Hopefully, CDPR doesn’t pull a Square Enix and Eidos MontrĂ©al stunt with Cyberpunk 2077′s single-player and multiplayer features like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which was a single-player game with sketchy microtransaction practices.


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