Chaos Souls, 2.5D Anime Action Game Arrives On Steam
Chaos Souls

VisualNoveler’s Chaos Souls is a 2.5D action-anime game where you take on the role of a cat-girl named Eris who must journey through a world being attacked by demons led by a deviously delectable succubus. As Eris, players will have to defeat monsters through a serious of levels as she attempts to save her sister who has been captured by the succubus.

Throughout the journey to save Eris’ sister, Petra, players will have to unlock Eris’ powers and upgrade her abilities so she can penetrate the succubus’ armies and get to the inner sanctum of the evil doer’s lair.

The game prides itself on fast-paced action combat, and sports three different biomes to travel through and six different bosses to defeat. There are also some visual novel-style sequences in between to help flesh out the stories as characters that Eris will meet along the way.

You can see what the gameplay is like in Chaos Souls with the launch trailer below.

The movement seems a little disjointed given that you seem to get great height off the jumps, but Eris’ lateral top speed seems a little slow. Her combos look good, though, and the backgrounds are quite commendable, especially the stage where you fight the succubus, Azesh. However, I’m a little leery about the overall movement since it seems a bit floaty and slow at the same time.

Nevertheless, for gamers who do manage to get in some game-time with this 2.5D hack-and-slash adventure game, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about how well the game controls and how well it plays.

Most of VisualNoveler’s outings are lo-fi fanfare so don’t expect Winged Cloud-levels of CG for the fan-service or Igarashi-levels of polish on the exploration and combat.

If, however, the game has managed to strike your fancy and you feel as if you need some more ecchi in your life, you can learn more about Chaos Souls by skedaddling on over to the Steam store page.


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