Cyberpunk 2077 Could Likely Feature Microtransactions

In a recent interview that CD Projekt Red’s CEO Adam Kiciński took up with publication site Strefa Inwestorow, we learn that Kiciński wants paid services in future titles that generate stable income period to period. According to the Polish government deal between CD Projekt Red and the strategy capital group, the company will have to release said RPG sometime in 2018 to 2021.

The interview that Strefa Inwestorow has up on its website detailing what CD Projekt Red’s CEO, Adam Kiciński, wants to do for future titles can be read over right here courtesy of publication site

“Multiplayer is strategically important, playing online is strategically important, because we want to have a commercial leg for service type games, games which generate stable income, period to period, which are built. Of course, every game ends after a number of years, some service type games function even after 10 years, but outside our main source of income, meaning big names, it’s building a stable source of income. And in the future, we can imagine a lot of connections between big games and service type games – We have to acknowledge it, it is obvious.”

That’s right, Kiciński has mentioned that the next major game for the studio, which is Cyberpunk 2077, will contain “online elements” of some capacity that sports stable income, period to period, through a service type setup.

Given the wording on future games having connections with direct service options or microtransaction set in place, likely puts Cyberpunk 2077 right into that mold. The game, as noted above, is set to release sometime in 2018-2020 with a mandatory release by 2021, making it a future title.

Seeing that this game is considered a major release and one that will take time to make, I just wonder how intrusive will this service be in Cyberpunk 2077 and will it tarnish both the company and the upcoming game?


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