DC Universe Online For PS3 Shuts Down January 31st, 2018
DC Universe Online

Daybreak’s DC Universe Online is prepping to shut down for the PS3 starting next year on January 31st, 2018.

The announcement comes courtesy of a post over on the official DC Universe website. At the end of last month they confirmed that they would be focusing more on the PC and PS4 versions of DC Universe Online.

They say they wanted to give gamers a heads-up early on that they would be shifting development focus to the PS4 and away from the PS3, and that you would be able to transfer over all your PS3 data to your PS4 by logging into your PSN account…

“In order to deliver the highest quality experience to our players, we will focus our resources on further optimizing the game for PlayStation 4. While there is still time to continue exploring DCUO on the PS3, we want to give you advanced notice so you can prepare for these future changes.


“All of your player information, subscriptions, DLC purchases, and game information transfer automatically to the PlayStation 4 when you log in with the same PSN account.”

This isn’t too surprising as Sony phases out support for the PS3, and DC Universe Online has been around for almost seven years. It’s amazing that it’s even still alive, especially since many of its competitors have bitten the dust.

The game itself was always just okay. It was like a typical theme-park MMORPG but it had some neat features such as villains and heroes meeting in open PvP quest areas throughout certain parts of the map. The game also tried to theme its combat closer to more action-oriented mechanics than the typical tab-targeting, but it was nothing special. I still actually preferred Champions Online‘s combat over DC Universe Online, just because there were some really satisfying moves you could pull off that were just super entertaining, such as the super sonic uppercut that would shake the screen and blast an opponent into the air as if it were Dragon Ball Z. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, if you still play the game on PS3, it’s time to upgrade to PC or PS4 and transfer over your data before January 31st, 2018 gets here.


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