Dead Cells, DRM-Free Version Coming To November 13th
Dead Cells GOG

Motion Twin’s Dead Cells came out earlier this year and entered into Early Access on Steam back in spring. The title became surprisingly popular within a very short amount of time, racking up close to 500,000 in sales over the course of the last six months, according to Steam Spy.

Well, wanted to get in on that sweet, sweet sales action. They recently confirmed that the game is due to drop as a DRM-free title on the service starting November 13th.

Motion Twin’s hardcore, Metroidvania-themed, hack-and-slash, gory role-playing game racked up some extremely positive reviews over time, as gamers love the game’s highly detailed pixel art, which isn’t just some indie hipster 8-bit trash like so many other games out there.

There’s a strong bit of head-nodding and homage tipping to the classics from the yesteryears, especially Castlevania, Prince of Persia and Strider.

Back in May the developers confirmed that while they had a nice stash of content already implemented into game spanning 16 – 20 hours worth of game time, but they felt they needed anywhere between eight months to a year before they finished it off for good.

The press note doesn’t say if the version coming to the platform will be the full and complete version or if it will be an advanced beta port from the version currently on Steam, which was just last updated back on November 2nd, 2017. The update was covered in detail in an hour long video from YouTube outlet Nerd Commando Game Studios.

The latest update sees the bosses having been shuffled around a bit as they prep to add the last boss to the game and structure in the final showdown for players at endgame. They’ve also reworked the tier system, in order to make “build choices more interesting”.

They’ve tweaked the stats, upgraded the upgrade system, and implemented a new way for you to unlock rare items.

Expect another big update to arrive with the release on November 13th. The full version of the game is expected to become available for PC gamers in early 2018.


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